Submit your questions to "Science Question from a Toddler"


Later this month, I'm going to be picking back up on Science Question from a Toddler—a regular feature that finds the surprisingly deep science behind simple questions.

But, in order to do that, I need your help.

• Do you know a small person whose science questions are driving you batty?

• Did you ask questions when you were little that your parents never really answered?

• Are you a grown-up with a science question that you're kind of embarrassed to ask, for fear that it's something you should have learned a long time ago?

This series needs YOU!

Submitting questions is easy, just comment on this post. Or, if you prefer, you can drop me an email at maggie (dot) koerth (at) gmail (dot) com. If there's a specific small person the question comes from, let me know, and I'll give them a shout-out when I answer it.

If you've submitted questions to Science Question from a Toddler and they haven't been answered yet, rest assured, I've still got them on file. But if you want to re-submit, please, feel free!

Science Question from a Toddler operators are standing by. Image: Some rights reserved by abbybatchelder