DIY video event in San Francisco: fair use, mashups, spoofs, Mozilla, and videoblogs

A free upcoming symposium in San Francisco in April, "24/7 2011: The State of the Art in DIY Video," looks like a hell of a good time. Jason "Lawgeek" Schultz mentions, "We have Mozilla doing a DIY Video Workshop to show off their new popcorn.js metadata interface and Jen Urban and I are running a DIY Fair Use workshop too, all before the main event."

The theme of the 2011 show is "collective action," as videomakers reach out to others, creating active communities in dialogue. The program includes examples from the most prominent forms of amateur video production:

* lip dubs, in which students craft single-shot music video
portraits of their schools;
* brilliant auto-tune spoofs that transform quotidian and ridiculous
moments captured on tape into sublime musical events;
* video remixes that are by turns overtly political and hilarious;
* videoblogs documenting everyday life and collective action around
the world;
* fan vids, in which fans reimagine their icons through editing,
sound design, and remix.

Curated collectively with input from Matteo Bittanti, Francesca Coppa, Sasha Costanza-Chock, Ryanne Hodson, Jonathan McIntosh, Tim Park, and Mike Wesch, who each made selections from different DIY genres, the final program includes dozens of examples in a fast-paced overview.

24/7 2011: The State of the Art in DIY Video San Francisco

(Thanks, Jason!)