Nottingham Hackspace loses home, needs £2000 for deposit on new place

David Hayward writes,

Nottingham Hackspace was set up just over a year ago, and in that time we've found a band of incredibly talented geeks, hackers and makers, also expanding from just a store room to a well equipped hackspace with a teaching room and a workshop. Among many other things, we've taught people how to solder and use Arduinos, built a giant Rube Goldberg machine, placed third in the global hackerspace cupcake challenge, staged a real laser assault course, and built a fully functioning RepRap.

It's been an awesome year, but the owners of our building have just turfed out both Nottingham Hackspace and our landlords in order to redevelop. We've found a new home that could be *the* perfect hackspace, with room for both large events and small gatherings. We've already negotiated a deal with the building management, but there's just one thing we need help with in order to keep the Hackspace alive and kicking: A little help raising the rather large deposit.

Without that, the Hackspace will be homeless at the end of April. We've been fundraising hard, and the members have been very generous so far, but we have a little way to go before we can sign contracts.

They're only after £2000; raising this should be pretty straightforward!

Nottingham Hackspace Needs Your Help