Raising money for surgery for Ghanian man with half-a-face

Daniel sez, "Global Health resource is a facilitator of medical travel. Presently we are helping Mohammed Issaka of Ghana who only has half a face to receive plastic surgery in India. He has some sponsorship for this, but we would like to make this public as so perhaps solicit more funds to help others."

This is the inspiring story of Mr. Mohammed Issaka from Ghana in West Africa. 2 years ago Mohammed was diagnosed with a tumor behind his left eye. Fortunately for him the mass was benign, but in the process of the surgery his left eye and most of the left side of his face had to be removed. Since then this 28-year-old new husband has been living with a large hole in his face. Due to the extreme condition of his face he is forced to conceal the gaping wound on a daily basis.

A New Face for Mohammed

(Thanks, Daniel!)