Which dates belong on the Hacker Calendar?

Emmanuel Goldstein sez, "2600 Magazine is compiling a hacker calendar with photos of hacker-oriented technology. Input from the community is being sought to help compile a comprehensive list of important and obscure dates of interest, such as when "War Games" was released, the founding of the EFF, or the most recent Sony security breach. The hacker world is full of milestones and this is an attempt to put together a thorough record of them."

March 3, 1885 – American Telephone & Telegraph founded
June 3, 1983 – "War Games" released
September 27, 1983 – The GNU Project announced by Richard Stallman
November 17, 1985 – The first issue of "Phrack" released
July 10, 1990 – Electronic Frontier Foundation started
January 21, 2000 – Kevin Mitnick released after five years in captivity
June 2, 2011 – Hacker group LulzSec reveals massive Sony security breach


(Thanks, Emmanuel!)