Record industry lobby says it no longer supports 3-strikes copyright termination laws

Following a UN report condemning laws that require ISPs to disconnect households accused of copyright infringement, the Australian record industry lobby has declared that it does not support the practice anymore.

Speaking with SMH, MIPI general manager Sabiene Heindl, today said that while MIPI supports "mitigation measures" for dealing with persistent illegal file-sharers, "such measures would not include termination of Internet accounts."

Heindl's statement represents quite a turnaround for the recording industry. MIPI has dozens of member labels on board – including the all-important EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony – and although delivered in Australia, it would be difficult to see how the Big Four could pursue different anti-piracy strategies in major markets elsewhere.

Recording Industry Steps Back From Piracy Disconnections

(Image: hadopi_logo, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from 30468198@N08's photostream)