Macedonia erupts after young man beaten to death by special police in public square

A reader writes:

22 year-old Martin Neshkovski was beaten to death early Monday morning on Skopje's Macedonia Square by a member of the Macedonian special police force 'Tigres.'

After Sunday's snap parliamentary elections, celebrations went on Macedonia Square in the center of Skopje. Witnesses reported that they saw a 'young man being beaten to death by a member of the [special police force] "Alfa".' Only a few local media reported of the witnesses' statements without much importance. The spokesperson of the MOI said 'there is no such reported case.'

However, the social media expressly organized themselves to protest against the silence and mysticism surrounding this case. As it was believed that the murdered man's name was Daniel, on Twitter the hashtag #daniel was and is still being used to coordinate protests.

In today's press conference of the MOI it was revealed that the special police force member did in fact take action on the young man but 'was unaware of killing him.' It is believed that after hearing about the alleged murder, the 'Tigre' reported himself to the special police force chief and is currently giving a statement.

Protests are currently ongoing in Macedonia Square with the hopes of raising awareness of police brutality.

Several international and national NGOs have accused the Macedonian government of brutality and not respecting human rights.

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