Rotting Gulliver's Travels themepark in Japan

In 2006, the urban explorers at SleepyCity went for a trip to Gulliver's Kingdom, an abandoned Gulliver's Travels-themed themepark 2.5 hours out of Tokyo. The park was shuttered in 2001, and in five years, it had become a fine example of a haunting, abandoned themepark.

Gullivers is about 2.5 hours west of Tokyo, nestled into the darkside of Mt Fuji. The mountain areas are beautiful and lush. Dense waves of green cascade through the clouds, into the mist filled valleys below. Bizarrely golf courses and urbex pair up. Spot a golf course or driving range and surely urbex lurks nearby. The three themeparks we've exlored have been adjacent to golfing establishments. Gulliver's provides an old culture mash of European fairytale in the Japanese mountains. It's well worth the day trip for the surreal atmosphere, just watch out for people on the golf course.

Gulliver's Kingdom & Sea of Trees

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)