Pierced man hangs from hot air balloon

In body modification circles, a "suspension" is the practice of hanging from hooks pierced through the body. Zane Whitmore, 34, of Seattle, took suspension to, er, new heights when he hung from his skin below a hot air balloon that lifted him more than 10,000 feet into the air. The suspension was for a feature-length documentary called "Feet Off The Ground" currently in production by Precarious Egg. From KATU:

(Whitmore) was pierced four times across his shoulder blades and the balloon was released over California's Long Valley Caldera. The flight, which was on Saturday, lasted about 75 minutes.

"I felt like I was flying," Whitmore said in the press release. "It was amazing to have a perspective on a landscape that no one has had before. As I drifted down low I was struck by the movement I saw on the ground, by how much life exists in the desert. It was actually a very peaceful experience."

"Seattle man takes hot air balloon flight suspended by his skin" (via Fortean Times)