Wedding saved by Reddit

A redditor found himself in desperate straits when the millionaire whose mansion he'd rented for his wedding cancelled on him with only three weeks' notice. He solicited suggestions from other redditors on what he should do to find a Florida venue on short notice, and ended up hosting a hell of a party in a farmer's field, and came out with enough savings to treat his friends to gallons of free-flowing booze and a pair of bouncy-castles. He's written up the results in a Whos-Down-in-Whoville post that reminds us that weddings are about people celebrating, not venues or formalities.

Fucking AWESOME. I can't even say "it went okay" as a joke. It was epic. We took the "have it in a field" idea, and really ran with it. After three solid weeks of work cleaning and prepping, my wife's uncle's farm was ready for action. It is a big property, and he has horses, cows, pigs and goats. We cleared out a cow pasture for parking and set up a tent by the stables. The stables were filled with his best horses (Pasofinos for those who care) and one of the stalls had some week-and-a-half old puppies that were just born. We moved the wedding from 6 to 7, and the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, and the breeze started up about 30 minutes before the ceremony.

Update: I'm the guy whose wedding venue cancelled on him three weeks before the big day. Here's how it went. (