Car-racing game on a thermal printer

Joshua Noble's "Receipt Racer" is a car-racing game played using a thermal receipt printer; it reminds me of the games I used to write in BASIC on our old teletype terminal, which we loaded with enormous rolls of brownish paper towel of the sort you could get in elementary school bathrooms (once the paper was used up, we re-rolled it and ran the other side through the teletype, though filling a roll took a long time at 110 Baud!).

The game is played on a receipt printer, a common device you can see at every convenient store. It prints those papers you usually find crumbled up in your pockets, just to throw them away. It is a thermal printer using heat to darken the paper. This eliminates any slowdowns in printing lots of black. A roll can be ordered online and costs around 80 cents.

50 meters is the maximum distance you are theoretically able to race in one run, before running out of paper. So ecologically it's pretty much a disaster, just like any real car.


(Thanks, Manny!)