Abandoned Australian Deco power-station, rusting and covered in graffiti

Abandoned Journey visited Fremantle Power Station, a giant, rusting Art Deco building in Australia on the Indian Ocean. The graffitied ruins are spectacular.

Much of the complex is rusting and rotting beyond any salvation, and quite dangerous to explore. The four major chimney stacks have been demolished, leaving a huge gaping holes throughout the complex. This allows rain to get in, which is the worst nightmare for any building trying to remain standing. Combined with the seaside location, and the local winds, the future for the abandoned Power Station is very predictable – mother nature has begun it's relentless reclamation. The daily winds are so reliable and regular in nature, the locals have actually named the breeze the "Fremantle Doctor". As in, "the Doctor is blowing hard today". We explored the complex extensively, and it became apparent that in some areas, we were probably taking far too great a risk. The rusting metal overhead walk-ways did not seem stable at all.

Rough on the outside, and yet with warm hearts and good-will, the locals from the port-side town of Fremantle warned of the danger of visiting this site. There were various tales of unconfirmed murders at the abandoned Power Station. In the dark labyrinth of tunnels beneath the complex, it was not hard to imagine the heinous crimes that could be easily hidden. Genuinely, brutally, this was a spine-tingling place to be. Indeed, there was a feeling of alarm during various traverses of the underground maze. Reportedly, the tunnels extend for some distance, indeed, out to the ocean.

Abandoned 1940's Power Station – Urban Exploration Photos | ABANDONED JOURNEY

(Thanks, Dr. Hank Snaffler Jr.!)