Whose bear urine is this? – Intraoffice email at National Geo

From an office-wide email at National Geographic, which sounds like a fun place to work:

Subject: Bear Urine- not a joke

A package arrived at Geo…(talk about weird) 2 small bottles of Pee. Bear Urine. No… really.

Can you please send a blast to see if some brave soul will claim the urine.

But wait, it gets better. According to a producer at National Geographic Television, one woman responded to the original email saying she was expecting coyote urine and deer urine, but that the bear urine was not hers. Two other people requested to be notified if the urine was not claimed because they need some "for personal use." No, not to pass drug tests, but to keep deer out of their yards. In the end, the true purchaser of the bear pee came forward. It is now safe with its rightful owner.

Excuse Me, Is This Your Bear Urine? – Only at National Geographic