Skeptical UK bestseller about the paranormal can't find US publisher, goes self-published

Richard sez, "Best-selling author Richard Wiseman's latest book, Paranormality, takes a skeptical look at the paranormal and examines what seemingly supernatural phenomena tell us about our brains, beliefs and behavior. The book is doing well in the UK and has been picked up by lots of overseas publishers. However, no major American publisher made a serious offer for it, saying that there was no market for a skeptical book about the paranormal. As an exciting experiment, Wiseman has just released the book himself on Kindle, promoting it as 'the book that they don't want you to read'. About 80% of Americans think that they have had a paranormal experience. Maybe it's time they had an opportunity to hear the other side of the story."

Paranormality launches in the USA....and the Friday Puzzle! (Thanks, Richard!)