Goat Man speaks!

Goat Man, the fellow I posted about Monday who was photographed in a goat suit hanging with a herd in Ogden, Utah, has come forward. The man called the Division of Wildlife Resources and said he was simply preparing for an archery hunt of Canadian mountain goats next year.


"He found out about Utah and that it was fairly easy to get close to the goats to (train) to get a clean harvest shot with archery equipment," (Division of Wildlife Resources rep Phil) Douglass said.

The man told Douglass he has hunted in several foreign countries, including Mongolia.

The man said the goat costume was made out of a hooded painter's suit, the kind that is readily available for purchase in home repair stores. He outfitted the suit with Polarfleece to give it the appearance of fur and wore a hat backward, pulling the brim down to his chin to look like a billy goat's beard, Douglass said.

"'Goat man' comes forward"