Michael J. Fox is ready to come back to TV, developing a semi-autobiographical sitcom

If there is anyone whose career should just never ever end, it's probably Michael J. Fox. So it's really great news that he's ready to come back to television full-time! Working with Sony Pictures Television, Fox is trying to find a home for a single-camera sitcom based on his own life. He's teaming up with Sam Laybourne (writer of Arrested Development and Cougar Town) and Will Gluck (director of Easy A), and surprise! The networks are very interested. In fact, it sounds like there is a full-on battle over who will get to put this show on the air.

Using the phrases "feeding frenzy" and "bidding war," Vulture says that according to "industry sources," one network is, apparently, ready to take this straight to series. (That almost never happens.) All of the major networks, however, are guaranteeing at least a pilot if they are the lucky network to get their hands on this project. Which means that Michael J. Fox is the most popular debutante at the TV ball — as he damn well should be!

Honestly, in my life as an entertainment consumer, I don't think I've ever heard a negative thing said about him, except by Rush Limbaugh, who is commonly referred to as "UGH…Rush Limbaugh." After a successful career as a child television star (then playing America's own reluctant, 1980s time lord and a werewolf), Fox did the near-impossible and had an equally successful career in television as an adult. All while giving Parkinson's disease the finger the entire time. So, yes — let's see Michael J. Fox on TV again. One Michael J. Fox makes up for, like, 17 Bravo Housewives.

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