Heavy-duty, 360' ice-scraper

Having grown up in Toronto, I'm accustomed to morning car de-icing being a lengthy and exhausting process involving a lot of grunting and scraping (I'm always amazed to see Londoners whose idea of de-icing gear is the edge of their credit-card for the odd frosty morning). I haven't tried one of the Innovation Factory's IceDozer Mini 2.0 scrapers, but holy crap, it sure makes the plastic scrapers I grew up with look like wimpy little toys. It gets mixed reviews on Amazon, and seems like it's one of those love it or hate it deals:

This serious tool packs 360 degrees of ice clearing performance, including 13 Flexiblade scraping fingers, and Tenderizers for softening up the hardest ice that you'll find on your windshield.

Other features include a combination Squeegee/Brush, the IceNotch (for clearing windshield wipers) and the all-new Brass Frost Peeler – glass safe but particularly effective when dealing with the most annoying frost coating (the kind that seems 'painted on'). All of this in an ergonomic package, including the PowerGrip which incorporates a Wrist Wrest for extra power and comfort.

Innovation Factory IceDozer MINI 2.0 with Brass Blade, Made in USA
(via OhGizmo)