Constellation Tatsu micro-label's cassette and VHS releases

NewImageConstellation Tatsu is a music "micro-label" based in San Luis Obispo, California. San Luis Obispo is nicknamed SLO (for its acronym and lifestyle) which fits rather nicely with Constellation Tatsu's lovely ambient, drone, psychedelic offerings. I also appreciate that they keep prices down and the lo-fi aesthetic up by keeping physical releases relegated to tape, in the form of cassettes and, yes, VHS. Stream everything for free to see what you dig. Then you can order a variety of individual products or combo-packs like the "January Batch" that includes 4 cassettes, 1 VHS tape, and digital downloads of the music for $20. The blown-out, color-drenched clip above is from the duo Looks Realistic's "Where Does It Come From?" audio and video project that's included in the January Batch. Constellation Tatsu's "January Batch" (via OMG Vinyl)