Endure exploding natural gas well, earn free pizza! (Some restrictions apply)

One man is believed dead and another was injured after a natural gas well near Bobtown, Pennsylvania exploded a week ago. From the reporting by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the accident was probably started by a mistake or stray spark that caught natural gas at the well site on fire. The fire later spread to a nearby propane tanker trunk which exploded. It's the kind of accident that can happen when you're dealing with flammable hydrocarbons. (There's nothing here really specific to fracking techniques, from what I can tell.) But, it's a tragedy for those injured and killed and, if you're the company that owns the well, it makes sense that you'd try to respond to community concerns in some way.

In this case, Chevron decided on gift certificates for free pizza. But not just any gift certificates for free pizza. As Philly.com blogger Will Bunch noted, you can only use the certificate to purchase a large special combo. Hopefully, you weren't angling for meat lovers. On the other hand, you do get a free soda, too.

Basically, points for realizing they needed to respond to the community. But Chevron really flubbed the execution, here.