Aaron Swartz documentary "The Internet's Own Boy" is available for CC-licensed preorder today

Starting today, "The Internet's Own Boy," Brian Knappenberger's award-winning, acclaimed documentary about Aaron Swartz, is available to pre-order as a Creative Commons-licensed (CC-BY-NC-SA) video download. You can stream the movie for $7 from most platforms, and for $10, you can buy it from Vimeo as a shareable, remixable download.

I appear in the movie, along with many other colleagues, friends, and collaborators of Aaron's. It's a heart-wrenching and infuriating movie that brings me to tears and inspires me every time I see it. I appeared on a panel about the movie following its screening at this year's Hot Docs festival in Toronto, and it was amazing to see the impact the movie had on the audience. I'm so glad that it's now in wider release.

The Internet's Own Boy