Explaining Cricket


Springtime turns American minds to college basketball, but the world is not watching. No, everyone else is fixated on the Cricket World Cup, going on right now, which brags a TV viewership of 1.85 billion.

Hating to be left out, my wife wanted to know what the fixation was, and she challenged my knowledge of the game, which my brain kept interpreting as an insect. Together, we spelunked down the YouTube rabbit hole, only to get more confused the more we tried to understand. Here's what we learned:

1) With 22 players and a goal made of wooden sticks with little wooden sticks balanced on top, videos that attempt to explain Cricket only sound like Monty Python sketches without punchlines.

2) Depending on the type of Cricket being played, scores are typically in the hundreds, and games can sometimes extend for days at a time.

3) The players wear sporting attire, sometimes with corporate logos. The umpires wear Panama hats and ties.

4) Cricket is NOT like baseball, excepting that they use a bat, a ball. Also, fielders make diving catches worthy of the Golden Glove.

5) Crickets are a perfect protein.

This video is an actual comedy sketch, presented on YouTube as "What Cricket Looks Like To Americans." The more you understand Cricket, the funnier it is.