A kids book about princesses who save themselves


If there's a kid in your life who loves princesses, consider getting them a very different sort of children's book: The Princess Who Saved Herself.

As per the book description, it is "the story of an awesome kid who lives with her pet snake and plays rock 'n' roll all day to the huge annoyance of the classical guitarist witch who lives down the road. Hijinks, conflicts, and a fun reconciliation ensue, all showcasing determination, bravery, and understanding."

This fairy tale about a kickass and compassionate princess was scripted by comic book writer Greg Pak, illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa, and based on a song by Jonathan Coulton.

"Very early in her life my daughter developed a taste for pink taffeta and princess gowns," says Coulton. "I then became much more aware of those little messages in the things she was interested in: Barbie, Disney movies, video games. So when I wrote this song, I really wanted to create a princess character that was as self-reliant and internally referenced as most kids start out, before we ruin them with our dumb ideas. When this princess encounters problems and mean people, she just rolls right over them in this practical and compassionate way. It's an attitude I aspire to instill in my own kids."

If you want a copy, grab one via Kickstarter, where the book has already been funded. Excellent princess shirts for people of all ages and genders are also available here.