Inside a drug testing lab for the deep web


Backchannel's Joseph Cox visited a Barcelona lab run by a fellow named DoctorX whose team will test the purity of the MDMA, cocaine, or V1AgRA you bought from one of the deep web markets. From Backchannel:

The deep web drug lab is the brainchild of Fernando Caudevilla, a Spanish physician who is better known as "DoctorX" on the deep web, a nickname given to him by his Energy Control co-workers because of his earlier writing about the history, risks and recreational culture of MDMA. In the physical world, Caudevilla has worked for over a decade with Energy Control on various harm reduction focused projects, most of which have involved giving Spanish illegal drug users medical guidance, and often writing leaflets about the harms of certain substances…

Caudevilla first ventured into Silk Road forums in April 2013. "I would like to contribute to this forum offering professional advice in topics related to drug use and health," he wrote in an introductory post, using his DoctorX alias. Caudevilla offered to provide answers to questions that a typical doctor is not prepared, or willing, to respond to, at least not without a lecture or a judgment. "This advice cannot replace a complete face-to-face medical evaluation," he wrote, "but I know how difficult it can be to talk frankly about these things."

"Inside the Deep Web Drug Lab"