Trailer for new documentary directed by Bobcat Goldthwait

Yesterday, President Obama defined rape in a news conference. Last week the Cosby rapes and disclosure by The Runaways' Jackie Fox were in the news. As if on cue, a surprisingly entertaining and critically-acclaimed documentary dealing with the childhood rapes of comedian and political satirist Barry Crimmins will be released in theaters across the country early next month. Call Me Lucky is directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and initially funded by the late Robin Williams, it received three standing ovations at its premiere at Sundance. It is a gripping, complex, enlightening, poignant and witty film. Watch the trailer to see what I mean, and then buy your tickets in the town near you.

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Rape disclosure and the need to talk about it openly is finally reaching critical mass — and Barry Crimmins, who says, "tell somebody, tell everybody" in the film, is a hero. Wait til you discover what he did to stop child predators on a national scale. #tellsomebodytelleverybody

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