Level cities with your strange squid song


Imagine that one day a giant squid materialized in the sky over a city like an Elder God, singing the song that will end the world. Imagine that you are that squid.

Such is your remit in Modulocean, a game made by Octurnip for the A Game by Its Cover jam, where developers made real games inspired by fake (but delightful) art for Famicom game cartridges.


The game is alternately titled Whale of Noise; you can also be a giant whale.

Your song changes as you experiment with with a series of glyphs floating in bubbles beneath your sea creature, moving them in and out of the sphere where they reside. Different combinations will cause strange reverberations; some will even level the city below you. Is there any rhyme or reason to your unholy might?

Whale of Noise – Modulocean is free to download for Windows and Mac.