They can't kill you unless you look away

"Keep your eyes on me."

If we learned anything from that one episode of Doctor Who with angels or something, it's that the only thing scarier than staring at a monster that wants to kill you is being forced to close your eyes.

In Bloodsport, a free browser game by Winnie Song, that's exactly what you have to do when you find yourself trapped in the woods "with a beast and a compass," though the two heterochromic eyes staring back at you seem very human indeed. As do their careful instructions about what you need to do in order not to die: "Keep your eyes on me."

This is easier said than done, especially since the monsters keep disappearing and reappearing into the woods around you. "I will move west of you," your would-be killer might announce, and then you'll have a few moments to rotate around to the right direction before your "blink meter" runs out and your eyes close. If you're not facing the monster when they open again, then it's time to die.

Although you have to be pretty damn precise about lining up with those cardinal directions, if you lower your gaze to the ground you'll find a compass to guide you. This, too, is its own sort of risk; any time you aren't looking directly at the monster is a moment of potentially deadly vulnerability, so of course that's how you spend more of the game.

Bloodsport is the prequel to Bad Blood, another game by Song that involves people murdering each other in fields (albeit in a more complex, multiplayer fashion). The prequel is free to play in your browser, but just in case you need a more targeted goal, Song has promised that the first three people who survive the night and send her a screenshot of the sun coming up will receive a free copy of Bad Blood.