One Night Ultimate Werewolf – spot the werewolves in the room or be destroyed

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a bluffing and role deduction game for between 3-10 players. During the game you'll be assuming one of a dozen different roles in a village on the brink of being destroyed by werewolves, possibly being one of the two werewolves. You'll start out knowing what your role is, but by the end of the night phase, it may have changed and typically you won't get to check it again. Working from that knowledge, you have just a few minutes during the day phase to puzzle out who the werewolves are with the limited information you have. You then vote to kill one of the roles, trying to catch one of the werewolves.

The components for this game are top notch, and the speed at which it plays is a refreshing change from longer bluffing games like Mafia or Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, the granddad of this game. Bezier Games also has a free companion app for iOS and Android that does all of the narration that normally you'd need someone to sit out for. The app also has a running timer to give that against-the-clock feeling. Included, in addition to the role cards, are markers that you can use to physically sort out and keep track of your deductions.

I really enjoy this game because you're trying to sort through the limited information that everyone has, or says that they have, sort out the lies and then decide if the werewolves are even in play. It's possible that no one is a werewolf at all, as there are 3 more cards in play than total players, and it's not unheard of that 2 of those 3 center cards are the werewolves. The choice of when to volunteer the information you have – which varies based on the roles that were randomly determined, and if someone claims to be someone that you're pretty sure they're not – all play into the deduction game as well. It's a fun puzzle to sort out with the group under pressure from the timer.

– James Orr

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

by Bezier Games

Ages 8 and up, 3-10 players

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