Hello Tokyo! is jam-packed with Tokyo-inspired images, ideas and fun craft projects

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Born in Australia, Ebony Bizys made the move to Tokyo five years ago and hasn't looked back since. As the founder of the popular blog Hello Sandwich, Ebony has always been obsessed with Japanese culture, as well as cute stationary, colorful home décor, and all things DIY. This 224-page book manages to cram in as many pretty images, kawaii ideas, and adorable craft projects as it can hold. From a whimsical look into Ebony's daily life and apartment in Tokyo, to tutorials for pom-pom cardigans and handmade camera straps (among many others), to insight into 'bento' and even tips for entertaining, Ebony is certainly one talented and creative lady.

For those who aren't familiar with Ebony's blog or even Japanese culture, they're still sure to enjoy this publication for its overload of cute images and inspirational ideas. Ebony's aim in producing Hello Tokyo was to inspire people to bring more fun and beauty into their everyday life. After reading this book numerous times, I truly believe that she has achieved this.

– Melanie Doncas

Hello Tokyo!: Handmade Projects and Fun Ideas for a Cute Tokyo-Inspired Lifestyle

by Ebony Bizys

Murdoch Books

2015, 192 pages, 7.1 x 9.5 x 0.9 inches (paperback)