Hacker puppets explain why malware and popups are still a thing online

Gus the hacker puppeteer (previously) writes, "Most of us have a relative whose computer or phone is still a snake's nest of pop-ups and malware. The 'YOUR COMPUTER HAS A VIRUS, CLICK TO SCAN' attack is still a thing, 2016 though it may be. And there are enough people asking 'why do ads pop up (on my iPhone, computer, etc)' for that question to register on Google search autocomplete."

"The hacker puppets of The Media Show return to answer the question "Why do ads pop up on my device?" and other queries from people stranded on the wrong side of the digital divide. Previously, the show explored why ads know your location and how Facebook knows who your friends are. (And whether the Internet is good or bad, with the doofiest panel of experts you may ever hope to meet.)"