Watch a real exorcism through a church keyhole

In 2014, Daniel Trochta of the small town of Vranov nad Dyji in the Czech Republic heard screaming coming from the Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. He peeped through the keyhole and watch an exorcism unfold, and caught a couple minutes of it on his mobile phone camera. Sadly, Trochta seems to have missed any projectile vomiting, levitation, or head-spinning that may have occurred. From Mysterious Universe:

After Trochta posted the video, some parishioners and town residents questioned its authenticity and complained about the noise and possible danger. Local priest Father Marek Dunda finally confirmed that the video was real and implied that he was the exorcist or at least present during the ceremony.

"We were asking God to protect and to liberate the person. We used a Latin prayer asking for help. Of course it helps."

He refused to identify the woman and gave no details on her current condition. While the complaints continue, the town mayor says he's talked to the priest and nothing illegal occurred in the church.