Interview with Prince Ea

I like Prince Ea's videos because he talks about important issues in the world: the health of our planet, racism, and being kind to each other. He made a video about a DNA test he took to learn about his heritage and I interviewed him about it.

What events in your early years shaped who you are today?

Good question, two events. Number one, I had the opportunity to get a decent education. Secondly I received the love of both of my parents. These very important factors that made me the person that I am today.

How did you come up with the concept for this video?

Well I had the opportunity to work with an amazing creative agency Berlin Cameron and director JJ Augustavo from Skunk, who really put the awesome video together. When I wrote the piece, I just wanted it to come from my heart. Through the MyHeritageDNA test, discovering that I had a connection to a number of ethnicities not only amazed me but visualized what I had been thinking for a long time. Namely, that we can't be restricted to one box. It was this realization and my BA in Anthropology that really helped me come up with the words for the piece.

How did you feel after discovering your diverse heritage?
That is pretty cool. Despite what society told me, I'm not just "one thing." I, along with every other human, am a mix of many beautiful ethnicities.

What can young people do to improve the world?

To improve the world they can improve themselves. Good action will arise spontaneously from being a good person. Cultivate the qualities of compassion, patience, love and watch the world change.

How do you feel these labels of heritage affect young people today?

These labels of heritage may give the young people a sense of pride. This is dangerous because if you pledge allegiance to a particular label, then some people become "other." This inevitably turns into "us" vs "them." When you analyze your own genes, you will find that these labels are not so "solid," after all. There is no "us" vs "them," only "we". I think everyone should take a MyHeritage DNA test, find out the answers and discover more about themselves. Once we have informed ourselves can we then have a better conversation about the labels applied to us.

What makes you hopeful for humanity in the future?

For every act of unkindness, there are a thousand kind acts. The media shows the world in a particular way but I believe that love and compassion are the higher nature of the human being. As we continue to evolve, we will become a more peaceful, mindful and loving species.