A (flawed) troll-detection tool maps America's most and least toxic places

The Perspective API (previously) is a tool from Google spinoff Jigsaw (previously) that automatically rates comments for their "toxicity" — a fraught business that catches a lot of dolphins in its tuna net.

Wired partnered with Disqus, an internet commenting system to use Perspective to find the trolliest places in America. The results are interesting, provided you remember that whatever Perspective is measuring, it's not exactly trolling or civility.

For example, Beverly, NJ has the chattiest commenters online, with 114 authors generating 150,151 comments; Park Forest, IL has two commenters who have generated 99 percent of the comments that the system judges to be "hostile"; and Vermont has the lowest comment quality (as judged by the system) overall.

Bellflower, CA
Bellflower wins the distinction of being the most unlike its neighbors; while it isn't the most toxic city in the US, it is 335 percent more toxic than the rest of California.

Sharpsburg, GA
The least toxic city in the US. Sadly, it's not because scenes from The Walking Dead were shot here and zombies have eaten all the trolls. It's just a small town, and the smaller the group, the more influence a few bad apples (or bright pennies) will have.

New Hampshire
Right next door, though, the home of "Live Free or Die" takes the prize for being the least toxic state in the US.