Pornhub rolls out best-in-class accessibility features for visually impaired users

Pornhub is the world's largest pornography site and they're now the world's most accessible, with a new, extensive suite of accessibility features for users with visual disabilities: alternative descriptive text for videos, a high-contrast mode for navigation, and custom color-gamut shifting for colorblind people.

For visually impaired and colorblind users, Pornhub increased the color contrast between the website text and background and mouseovers, in addition to upping the font size and weight. "Enhancing the ability to contrast colors or to flip the text color and the background color or things like that can be very helpful to people who have low vision, which means they're legally and functionally blind but they have some vision left," says Danielsen. "Maybe they're not using text to speech or braille to read the site."

You can find much of what Pornhub is enabling at major sites around the web, although Danielsen says the narrated videos and keyboard shortcuts goes a step beyond what might be considered standard. Pornhub also gets credit for enabling the accessibility upgrades across the entire platform; a visitor just has to select Visually Impaired mode, or click a link to that version of the site at the bottom of the page.


[Brian Barrett/Wired]