FDA warns companies: stop selling quack "vaginal rejuvenation," adds, "People, please don't do this to yourselves"

The FDA has sent warning letters to seven companies selling quack "energy based" vaginal rejuvenation "therapies," in which repurposed laser and radio-frequency-based tools that are used to remove warts and precancerous growths are used to scorch peoples' vaginas, a process that is claimed to have benefits for sexual dysfunction, urinary problems, dryness, "laxity," itching and a host of ills. Some of these companies specifically target breast-cancer survivors.

Actually, letting unqualified quacks fire lasers and powerful EM signals into your ladybits is really dangerous, which may come as a bit of a surprise, I'm sure.

That's why FDA Commissioner Scott Gottleib also took to Twitter and tried to inform women that this is all a bad idea, saying that these companies' customers experienced "numerous cases of vaginal burns, scarring, pain during sexual intercourse, and recurring or chronic pain."

The FDA plans to monitor and follow up with the companies, as well as look into ways to revamp its oversight of such medical devices. For patients, the FDA suggests discussing any vaginal issues with your doctor.

The seven companies called out by the FDA are: BTL Industries, Inc; Cynosure, Inc.; Alma Lasers; Sciton, Inc.; Thermigen, Inc.; BTL Aesthetics; and Inmode MD Ltd.

Don't try to rejuvenate your vagina, FDA warns after scolding companies [Beth Mole/Ars Technica]