Google engineer calls for a walkout over China censorship and raises $200K strike fund in hours

Liz Fong-Jones is a Site Reliability Engineer for Google's cloud division; she took to Twitter after reading today's story in The Intercept in which ex-Google security engineer Yonatan Zunger and three current, unnamed Google Security and Privacy staff describe how they were sidelined and deceived in the rush to ship Project Dragonfly, Google's secret, censored, surveilling Chinese search engine.

Fong-Jones was aghast that Google management was bypassing the Security and Privacy team and called for a walkout if Project Dragonfly shipped without signoff from Security and Privacy. She offered to match the first $100,000 in donations towards a strike-fund to support Googlers who walked off should the day come; hours later, her Google colleagues had put up another $100K.

Fong-Jones works for a Google division whose CEO had to resign in disgrace after an employee uprising over a contract to supply AI tools for the Pentagon's drone program.

Fong-Jones called on the Tech Workers Coalition to form a special-purpose 501(c)5 nonprofit to receive and administer the strike fund.