Crowdfunding a suitcase that becomes a closet

Every year or two, I embark on a round of crazy book-tour travel where I change cities every day for weeks on end (35 cities in 45 days on two continents in 2017!), and I'm on a perennial quest for a piece of luggage that is fuss-free: I want to stumble exhausted into my room, late at night, and in a few seconds access everything I need to go to sleep and then get out the next morning.

I'm fond of hanging compression shelves and rolling chests-of-drawers, but this crowdfunder for Solgaard's new suitcase has me intrigued.

It's a suitcase with a collapsing set of shelves (like those hanging compression shelves), designed to hang from the bag's handle, and somehow the whole thing doesn't fall over (the other half of the suitcase acts as a support). The shelves are removable, turning it into a regular old suitcase. It's got four spinner-wheels and is wired to accept a power-pack and then allow for charging via an external USB port, and it's $150 for a small case and $165 for a larger one (both are sized to serve as carry-on).

I wish it was bigger: I usually check a bag (when you fly as much as I do, they stop charging you for checked baggage and I have a bunch of liquids, etc, that are a pain in the ass to carry on but make my travel that much easier), so a carry-on is a little too small for me.

I'm not 100% sure I'll order one, but I'm giving it serious thought.