Vandals reportedly spray-painted apology for racist graffiti

Last week, residents of a Sammamish, Washington neighborhood woke up to racist graffiti, including swastikas and the n-word, on their homes and garages. (Video report below.) Now, it seems the perpetrators returned to spray-paint an apology. From KIRO 7:

"More graffiti was found at Klahanie Park. It was a couple different things," King County Sheriff's Sergeant Ryan Abbott told KIRO Radio. "First it was the word spray-painted 'Sorry', and then next to that there was another spray-paint — it was hard to read — that read, 'Not hate, just' something, and then another 'Sorry.'"

It's in the same red spray paint as before," Sergeant Abbott said, "and they were just trying to say that they didn't mean any hate by their tags, which of course were offensive as you had read, but now they're updating it to say this…"

Police are continuing to investigate. They're hoping that surveillance video will provide additional information.