Time capsule from 1969 opened and (drumroll) nothing was inside!

In Derry, New Hampshire, a time capsule from 1969 was finally opened on its 50th anniversary yet it was completely empty.

The time capsule was inside a small safe with the combination on the back. It was originally stored at the town's municipal building and then moved to the library. From WMUR:

"We were a little horrified to find that there was nothing in it," library director (Cara) Potter said.

Derry historians and town officials were notified, but no one holds a list of what was originally put inside....

Potter said she was told the time capsule was kept at the old municipal building in town. When it was torn down, it was brought to the library, where it has been ever since.

"It could have (been opened) at any point," Potter said. "We have even speculated that nothing was actually put in there in the first place. We just don't know."