Jack White is auctioning off iconic White Stripes drum kit, pantyhose dispenser, "boring old typewriter," and more

Jack White and Third Man Records are holding an online auction for all the crap (and some good stuff) they dug out of the recording studio, storage space, and personal collections. The showpiece is obviously the red drum kit used in The White Stripes' "Hardest Button" video but there are more than one hundred other items ranging from useful musical gear to curiosities like a vintage pantyhose dispenser, two bowling alley tables, a "boring old typewriter," and "a green chair worthy of a messiah." The auction kicks off August 26 with some of the proceeds going to the "John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, Gideon's Army, and the Detroit Phoenix Center."

Third Man Records and Jack White "Garage Sale" (Online Nashville Auctions)