Listen: Descendants of enslaver and enslaved person invite their ancestors to an imaginary dinner party

BLK SHP is a conspiracy of radically creative folks—successful entrepreneurs, authors, emerging artists, philanthropists, freaks, designers, musicians, social activists—working collaboratively on initiatives to make the world a better place. On the latest episode of the Black Sheep Podcast, my pal and BLK SHP founder Peter Sims and esteemed pianist/composer Harold O'Neal, years ago the first BLK SHP artist-in-residence, discussed who from history they'd like to invite for dinner. Yes, it'a tried-and-true conversation cue but Peter and Harold's responses are anything but typical: Harold would invite his great-great-great-grandfather, who was enslaved, while Peter's guest would be his great-great-grandfather who enslaved people in South Carolina. I'm inspired by Peter and Harold's sharing of their honest histories, the imagined conversations between their ancestors, and the value they place on their friendship. Listen above or here.