This explainer on panic attacks includes management tips

About one in three people will have a panic attack in their lifetimes, but there are ways to reduce the odds and the severity. They are essentially a feedback loop of fear response that feel like you are having a life-threatening event like a stroke or heart attack.

I had three of them when I was in my 20s. The first one was a pricey trip to the emergency room. The second and third ones happened at work, but I recognized what they were and was able to get a handle on them even though they felt as overwhelming as the first one.

Not everyone is so lucky. Many people change how they move through the world to avoid future ones, because they can be that unpleasant or terrifying. The narrator, Cindy J. Aaronson, is a member of ADAA, which also has resources for election anxiety.

Image: YouTube / TED-Ed