A deep dive into "the cult of Dr. Phil"

YouTuber Big Joel uses a clip of Dr. Phil's treatment of a troubled guest to explore what he calls "the cult of Dr. Phil." Under the auspices of psychology and self-help, he says Dr. Phil constructs a power dynamic that exploits such guests for entertainment purposes.

Bailey, the guest in question, clearly has been engaging in troubling behavior toward a person with whom she has a fixation, but Dr. Phil intended to ambush Bailey with her biological mother despite Bailey's explicit request that her biological mother not be invited to the show.

When Bailey confronts him, the mask comes off a bit, and the structure of the show is revealed in unintentional ways. Joel adds, "So, here are a few bits of information you might find interesting about this episode but that didn't have any weight on the video itself. First, Bailey returned to the show. She came back and met Jasmine. It's pretty boring. Second, Phil forcing Bailey off the show might not be the end of her presence on the episode. Talking to Bailey's mother, Phil says he might bring her back on. Not really sure what happens after that."

Image: YouTube / Big Joel