David Bowie Monopoly game

Monopoly is the game that people love to start playing but never finish. You might call it a "bored game." <rimshot> I bet this Monopoly: Bowie Edition is equally dull but at least it includes a delightful set of Bowie-themed tokens to lose under the sofa. I call the lightning bolt! From Dangerous Minds:

In the case of Bowie-Opoly, instead of buying property, the squares on the board represent albums from Bowie's vast musical catalog. Once you own one of his albums, you can then build stages (instead of houses) and then stadiums (instead of hotels) to increase the "rent" paid when other players land on your square. Other play includes hitting up Bowie on tour and hiring your crew and other musicians to increase your star power and bank account. There are also Sound and Vision cards (like the Chance and Community Chest cards), which bring both good and bad fortune to players drawing from the deck.