"Weirding module" for guitar

Pedal of the Day reviews the Atreides Analog Weirding Module, which is so delightful and nutty that I want to buy this pedal and record an entire album of straight-up unlistenable noise pop. I play electric guitar in a country band (the Delorean Sisters, go listen to it here on Spotify or Bandcamp wooo), so my f/x units are pretty standard — some distortion, some compression, some delay and reverb.

But holy moses, the gnarly roars and swoops produced by Way Huge's latest are out of this world. You can check out the sounds in that video. As the creators describe it:

Offering a kaleidoscope of organic synth-like tones, Atreides generates an explosion of growly sub-octave, expressive vocal envelope, swooshing phase, and gnarly fuzz. Inspired by a vintage 1980 mini synthesizer, this consciousness-awakening device produces a monophonic effect with many layers that can be manipulated as needed through dynamic playing technique and adjustment of each of its several sliders.

The VOL slider sets overall output level, the SENS slider sets envelope filter sensitivity and the RANGE slider adjusts envelope filter range. BRIGHT sets overall EQ, FUZZ sets fuzz signal level, while the RATE slider sets speed of phase signal and the SUB slider adjusts blend of sub octave signal. The look and feel of the sliders add to the vintage, throwback spirit of this pedal, launching us clear into the video arcades we frequented in our youth.

My family is gonna be so thrilled when I start filling the house with aural chaos from one of these things.