New interface to control electronic devices with your teeth

TeethTap is a new interface to control electronic devices by clicking your teeth together. Fortunately, it doesn't go in your mouth. Unfortunately, it's probably terrible for my TMJ. Detailed in a new technical paper by researchers at Cornell's Smart Computer Interfaces for Future Interactions (SciFi) Lab, the 3D printed earpiece pushes "against the jawline just under the ear and secures the microphones to the temporal bone behind the ear." Evan Ackerman writes in IEEE Spectrum:

During extended testing, TeethTap managed to work (more or less) while study participants were in the middle of talking with one the researchers, writing on a paper while talking, walking or running around the lab, and even while they were eating or drinking, which is pretty remarkable. The system is tuned so that you're much more likely to get a false negative over a false positive, and the researchers are already working on optimization strategies to improve accuracy, especially if you're using the system while moving. 

Cornell SciFi Lab