Microsoft doesn't require passwords anymore

Microsoft users might be able to throw away the sticky note taped to their laptop: the company introduced a new option to delete password authentication.

Microsoft uses its authenticator app, fingerprint/facial recognition, and SMS/email verification codes to verify accounts— which may be more secure than using "soccerlover123" or "Mychemicalromance1998!" yet again. In a world where many people still don't use password managers, Microsoft's decision makes sense.

"The benefits of passwordless authentication are very clear. Most people create their own passwords, and it's often a challenge to create something that's secure and memorable without relying on a password manager. People often reuse their passwords, too, allowing attackers to quickly log into a variety of compromised accounts after a particular organization is targeted and passwords are dumped.

Google, Apple, and others are also working toward less reliance on passwords. Google Chrome lets you sign in without a password, and Apple's iOS 15 and macOS Monterey updates include a Passkeys in iCloud Keychain feature, an attempt to replace passwords with a more secure login process."

Tom Warren for The Verge