US Army to run battle simulations between groups of robotic tanks

Next year the US Army plans to run wargame simulations involving groups of robotic tanks battling one another. According to Gen. Ross Coffman of the Army Futures Command, the experiment is the next step from a simulation in Colorado last year involving M113 armored personnel carriers that had been converted into robots with some level of autonomy. From Defense One:

"You can imagine that if you can turn a 113, you can turn anything into a robot," Coffman said. "We learned a ton. There were some clear winners in the technology base. There were some that weren't as great." Among the winners was the human-machine interface, he said.

"Now we're moving it up to company level." he said. "The lessons learned here, we can now then apply to a brigade and to a division and see how we want to fight with these things in the future. But I know of no country that has done above singular vehicle experiments. So, no antecedent."