Emoji for beans announced

It's a big day for the magical fruit. The Unicode Consortium has released the bean emoji, which Emojipedia expects to come to major platforms in late 2021 and throughout 2022 (last year's emojis hit Apple devices in early November).

In other bean news, Gawker ran a piece on bean merch that did not disappoint. A surprising number of star chefs are selling shirts adorned with… beans. Bon Appetit's Molly Baz is selling a $45 bean shirt with instructions on cooking the perfect beans, which you can see below.

Alison Roman of the New York Times Cooking also has a $45 long sleeve shirt with a bean recipe: Brothy Beans long-sleeve tee (bean photo on the front, bean recipe in the back). The shirt promptly sold out.

But wait, there's more! Colu Henry of Bon Appetit has bean tees on sale as well, $29 for a T-shirt and $39 for a long sleeve. She says they are "handmade," and while I'm not quite sure what people would think if I walked around in a shirt that simply said "white beans," I wish her the best in this saturated bean shirt market.

Last but not least in bean news, NYT Cooking has a delicious Parmesan White Bean Soup recipe that feels perfect for early November. Cool beans!