Freeing everyone from The Matrix would be a logistical disaster

While most everyone agrees that we should free all humans from being used as fleshy batteries held in virtual reality against their wills in order to feed the machine empire known as the Matrix, few people have bothered to consider the true scope of impact of such a massive humanitarian aid mission. But over at The Science of Fiction, journalist Maddie Stone decided it was time for a practical examination of the logistical planning that would be actually be required in order to save the human race:

The entire free population of Earth lives in Zion, an underground city roughly the size of Buffalo, New York. Adding millions of additional humans overnight — humans who have never worked, or even moved, a day in their lives — will be a monumental challenge. To prevent mass starvation, disease epidemics, and general pandemonium as they flood in, Zion's government needs to begin planning for the newcomers now. Because I am doubtful that Neo and his fellow leather-clad revolutionaries have attended a city planning meeting recently, I decided to ask some professionals what factors Zion needs to consider.

Stone explores relevant issues including sanitation, energy production, immunity and healthcare, and culture clashes — with an evidence-based pragmatism that might make you think twice about Neo's mission.

Is freeing everyone from the Matrix really a good idea? [Maddie Stone / The Science of Fiction]

Image: Public Domain via Pixabay