Teach your babies about computer engineering

It's amazing how incredibly intuitive children are with technology. I used to believe that I was computer savvy until I handed my smartphone to my friend's five-year-old. The speed at which she established communion with my phone was intense. It was as if the device was an extension of herself. Even though her competence with the machine wasn't savant level, her ease at navigating the phone still made me feel old. I felt like my mom- who was capable with a computer- watching her eight-year-old son rival her skills with a Mac.

I mean, my mom actually paid for classes to learn how to use a computer with the same proficiency I garnered while playing Sam and Max: Freelance Police. Imagine how lethal I could've been if I were the one taking classes at eight. 

Computer engineering for babies is an educational book that aims to teach children the fundamentals of – well- computer engineering. It's a brilliant concept that uses simple switches and a single lightbulb to illustrate how computers work.